Pig nasty cuino

Pig nasty cuino A two hour performance that includes an Exposition of art pieces, sculptures and paintings, made by the Artist, Fina Ferrara, called Tutte Bo Dan le Cochon. Comic and hilarious exposition guided and explained by THE artist. An abundant dinner that includes pig on the menu, of course. A collaboration with other well […]

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Palimpsest PREMIERED IN 2020 An act of renaissance which is owned by the feminine, like an act of identity it holds and constructs itself within the boundaries of the own desire. A performance in collaboration with sculpture artist Miriam Medrez.

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None of your business

None of your business PREMIERED IN 2018 I was not an old ragged doll when it all started, yet rejection rumbled from within. I drifted for years following that eco, until I decided to stay still. Darkness blinded me completely, and with time laying by my side, I just realized through all the thunder, it

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The evolution of being

The evolution of being PREMIERED IN 2018 Gender violence is a fact that affects us all. Only in Mexico, 46 out of every 100 women are victims of violence. ¿What internal conflict is a woman suffering that makes her stay inside a toxic and violent relationship? Through this artwork we immerse ourselves in the obsessive,

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Resonance PREMIERED IN 2019 Those gaps where it all used to be together. Resilience to observe them, even discard them, makes us a little perverse, I guess. Transformation takes place once, and once again. For whatever there was there is no longer enough space.

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Uriel PREMIERED IN 2012 GIJÓN, SPAIN Best Creative Artwork Price in the First Exhibition of Independent Artists at Gijon, Spain. Time goes by slowly. Nothing exists but change, uncertainty, insecurity. I walk. I observe. I feel. There is no turning back. My only comfort is the sea and the cold water covering my feet. The

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