“It is an ongoing act of self-evolution…” Paul Zimmerman in conversation with Fina Ferrara   Paul Zimmerman: You are a professional dancer. How are space and movement reflected in your artwork? Fina Ferrara: Space and movement are symbiotic; movement can´t happen if there is no space, and space without movement would just be empty.

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“… minha formação profissional remonta aos 10 anos de idade …”

Artists Talk on Art

ATOA 55th Virtual Open Studio featuring Fina Ferrara on 5/3/2021 was part of the first Monday performance presentations organized by the ATOA’s Performance curator, Verónica Peña. Ms. Ferrara was a professional ballerina in Mexico, where she both grew up and presented from tonight. Fina mapped out her creative process which includes: internal inquiry, video exploration, scripts/key elements, music script , improvisation, closeness and interaction.